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From Stephanie Burkley (Asher's Grandmother)

My dear sweet little Asher,

Oh, how I love you already! You have a special place in my heart that you alone will have forever. You are a very special little guy with a family who loves you so much! Always remember that you are loved and cherished. That’s important for kids to know!

There are so many questions that I have for you! Will you have beautiful golden curls like Mommy or handsome red curls like Daddy? I know your precious smile will light up the sky! Your eyes will shine like stars. Will you be gentle and quiet like Mommy or will you want to clown around like Daddy and only have an outdoor voice?

I really, really hope and pray that God chooses for you to grow up here on earth with us! There are so many adventures to be shared and memories to be made with you. We really want you here with us! When I tell you this, I feel like I’m being selfish because it would be much more fun spending your childhood in heaven!

Just think, in heaven Mimmy could rock you to sleep every day with an angel choir singing in your nursery! Baboo could come up with a million fun things to do and make you awesome clothes! Grandma could make sure you always had warm chocolate chip cookies to eat! You first word would probably be “Jesus”. You would never have colic, diaper rash, or skinned knees. You would take your first steps on streets of gold. Best of all, Jesus could read you your bedtime story every night!

So, either way, life is going to be so beautiful for you, precious boy. You have the very best Mommy and Daddy in the whole world. You have a wonderful family. You have eternity waiting in heaven. You have my heart. I will always be your number 1 fan. I can’t wait to spend time with you and love on you! If we don’t get to do that here on earth, I promise we’ll have forever to spend together in heaven! I can’t wait because you are already my precious angel.

All my love,
Your Steffi
April 16, 2014

O Lord, You alone are my hope. I’ve trusted you, O Lord, from childhood.
Psalm 71:5

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