What is Anacephaly?
Anencephaly is the absence of a major portion of the brain, skull, and scalp that occurs during embryonic development. When you google it be warned the pictures are graphic. When you think about Asher remember, he isn't just a boy with a birth defect, he's our son. 

Will Asher get better?
The short answer, yes. If its here on Earth or in Eternity with God we are unsure. We are boldly praying for healing, believing that our God is fully capable. The beauty of this prayer is that it's one God will say yes to, rather here or in Heaven, Asher will be healed.  

Why keep the pregnancy?
Before we found out about Asher's condition we were selected by God to be his parents. Part of that calling is to protect our child as well as we possibly can. Right now in his current state the safest place is in Meagan's stomach, so for us to be the most overprotective parents possible, he needs to stay there. We also realize the times we try and play God things go downhill really quickly. 

Is this dangerous for Meagan?
The only additional risk Meagan faces outside of the normal risks associated with pregnancy is if Asher were to pass away inside her belly and we didn't know for a prolonged (5+ weeks) period of time. We will be getting normal check ups to ensure our little guy is still alive. 

How should we respond to you and Meagan now?
Tell us you love us and are praying for us. Hug us when we look happy or when we look sad (Hugs are really great right now). You can ask us how we are, but you will probably get a canned answer (just being honest). We are sad. For the current time that is our reality, but we believe in a God that will turn our sorrow into joy, it's just going to take time. 

Speaking of God, where has He been through all of this?
What a great question. To be honest, I have asked this several (hundred) times since we found out. "How could this happen?" we ask and "why to such good people?" (why thank you!)? The reality of this is storms come to those who love Jesus and those who don't. This isn't the result of something we did wrong, this isn't karma rearing her ugly head. Because of sin (think garden of eden, and every time thereafter) the world is broken. It isn't the perfection the Creator, God crafted it to be. So we have things like Anacephaly, and cancer, and hate and we are stuck trying to keep our head above water. Which to be honest, if I had to try to keep my head afloat through this by myself, I'm not sure I would still be swimming. And God knew this. And God did something about it. Jesus was and is the Savior we needed to pull us from the pit. When He gave His life on the cross and rose again He became the answer to these hurts. 

You didn't really answer the question though...
Where was God? He was and is sitting right here with us. He is holding us through the pain. He is reaching down from Heaven and wrapping His arms around both of us. For us, our God is a personal God. He lives inside both Meagan and myself not because we were born this way or because we have done enough good things, but solely because He called us and we accepted Him as our Savior. So when we cry He holds us, He gives us strength to get through the day. If you don't know Him yet He desires a relationship with you and I would love to talk to you more about Him. 

Whats Next?
I wish I could tell you. We will cherish the times with our little boy, we will keep him as safe as we can and write of his each and every adventure. We may only get a short time with him here on this Earth so we will use it well. Join us as we share our Adventures with Asher. 

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