Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Time Capsule

It’s interesting how quickly life passes by and how quickly memories flood the gates of our lives. 

I’ve thought many times about updating this page, but to be honest, at times walking through these memories have been so gut wrenching I can barely bring myself to read the stories of that season. That’s the beauty of the internet I suppose, our memories are locked in time. The beauty of real life is that it proceeds. From the ashes God creates a beautiful life; one we would never have dreamed of but one He is evident within. 

So where are we now?
On July 8, 2015 we gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Cedar. Each year as we celebrate his birthday a few weeks later we throw a birthday party for our little boy Asher. We pull out a memory box on his birthday that reminds us of the love and care of a community that carried us (figuratively and literally) through the hardest season of our lives. We teach our little boy about his big brother who we believe we will meet again one day. Cedar is a reminder of God’s faithfulness and is the icing on the cake of God’s ability to redeem a story.

I say icing on the cake because he is an added bonus to God’s redemption. Often times we think a story like Asher’s can only be redeemed by a healthy baby yet God was redeeming the story all along. Meagan and my marriage is stronger after walking through the pain of loss. Our faith and trust in God is stronger today than it was before Asher. These things don’t happen by chance but only by the hand of a God weaving a story to be more incredible than what we can imagine. That’s why Cedar is the icing on the cake, God had already been at work redeeming a terribly broken story, Cedar is a bonus of His goodness. 

Meagan is currently pregnant with a little girl who is healthy, we expect to deliver on October 8th. Life truly is a miracle. Each day we are grateful for a God who puts our pieces back together and gives us far more than we deserve. 

We often tell the story of Asher to the people we meet, and what still amazes me about the story is the peace God gives us to tell it. It’s a bigger story than a little, broken boy, it’s the story of God’s faithfulness despite our circumstances. It’s the story of how He uses the things this world discards for something great. 

I sit in a coffee shop today almost 4 years later with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, in part because I still feel the pain of the past but more than pain, I feel God’s peace. 

God is good and if today you are doubting that truth I am praying our story in some way or fashion will remind you of that truth. Maybe you found this page in a moment of trial, maybe you are reading it today without a happy ending and I am praying for you, to find peace in the arms of a mighty God. 

He knows you, He sees your hurt and is ready to hold you through it. 
-Asher’s (and Cedar and Baby Girl’s) Daddy

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