Friday, August 1, 2014

31 Weeks.

This past Tuesday at the doctor's office we found out Asher's heart had stopped beating. We induced labor and yesterday morning at 8:38 Asher was here. He weighed just 1 pound 3 ounces and although his little body was broken, he was perfect & beautiful. We spent a good portion of the day holding him and learning him. It was hard, yet peaceful. He taught us so much in 31 weeks and we are so grateful for his little life.

We should be going home today, Meagan is doing great. She was and is a beacon of grace and peace throughout this entire experience. She provided the most loving and safe environment for Asher; she is so strong.

We would cherish your prayers for the days ahead, we miss our little guy so much. What a great truth; that our Asher is in the presence of the Creator God who has fixed his brokenness and restored him to perfection.

We prayed for healing and it happened, we know he is healed. What we didn't expect is that our God was anwsering that prayer in a way we weren't even asking. He has been healing us each and every day. His peace was and is with us right now. He knows our needs even when we don't and is already working in the smallest details to heal the hurt and the pain.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. The emails and text messages and prayers and hugs have been such an incredible out pouring of love. We thank God for you; we thank God for his love, we thank God for 31 weeks with his little gift, Asher.

-Asher's Mommy & Daddy