Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Heartbeat of our Son

There is something so incredible about hearing his little heart beating so fast; so strong. What an incredible blessing his life is; even if only for a whisper of time. Never forget that life is a gift, not a given.

After listening to his little heartbeat I invite you to watch and listen to this video:

Jesus makes beauty out of pain.

I would love to sit here and say this has been easy; that we know the secret to avoiding pain. The truth of this journey is that it has been extremely painful. There are days when the sun doesn't seem to shine; days when a persistent lump is etched into the back of our throats; days when if we had it our way, we would pull the covers up and shut the world out.

But then there are moments when joy is present. Moments where Meagan feels Asher kick. Moments of helping her get her socks and shoes on and off. Laughter, peace, unmistakable joy. God gives us moments when we can sit together late at night and listen to heartbeat of a gift He has given.

Throughout this entire journey we are resting in His ability to make all things new; to put the pieces back together. His grace sustains even when life sucks. When we ache; He aches. He holds us together promising to make beauty out of all of it.

-Asher's Daddy

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