Friday, May 23, 2014

The Adventures Begin...Queen's Bath Kauai

Perspective is one of those crazy things. As the wind blows and the chips fall perspective can change.

This is a story of perspective.
This is Asher's Adventure of Danger.

We knew when we accepted the call to be the parents of this wonderful boy we were being called to love and cherish each experience we shared with him. We recently traveled with Asher to the great state of Hawaii. If you have never experienced Hawaii I highly recommend it. It's Paradise in one of its purest forms. Aside from the Garden (Think Adam & Eve) I cannot imagine a place more pristine.

Midway through our time on Kauai we set off on an adventure to the Queen's Bath. The Queen's Bath is a rock formation where a perfect pool has been formed. As the tide rolls in and out, the water fills and empties the pool. It's an incredible sight to take in. As we get to the trail head we are warned of the dangers associated with something this beautiful. Like the thorns to the perfect rose, Queen's Bath has its share of moments when it shifts, from its beauty and splendor, to an unrelenting force that can sweep you out to sea. As we continued along the path we were continually met by life preservers meant to be the last ditch effort to save anyone pulled out to sea. It was a constant reminder of the need of rescue when the times are at their worst.

We hiked along and finally arrived at the Queen's Bath.

As we sat overlooking the Bath and the bigger ocean that surrounded us our perspective begin to shift. Not that it takes an ocean to remind us of God's brilliance, but it sure didn't hurt. In comparison to the world around us we were but a blip; a speck in the universe. Our problems, although huge to us, were minute in comparison to the world around us.

Yet to God, our hurts are never too small; our prayers are never insignificant.
The Creator of it all knows us and cares for us more than we can ever imagine.

Many times we misunderstand and quite frankly misrepresent who God is. We place promises in His mouth that if we follow Him times will be easy; that we won't experience pain. Our God isn't a God of pain avoidance. He isn't a God who always fixes the problem the way we see fit. He is a God who promised "that in this world you will have trouble" (John 16:33). In this world we will experience the thorns with every rose. That is why there is hope in the promise that Jesus has overcome this world. Through His death on the cross and His resurrection He provided the life preserver we desperately need. When the waves are unbearable and danger surrounds; He is there. He doesn't leave us drifting to sea but reaches out and offers His hand to guide us through the storm.

This is where Meagan and I stand today; experiencing His hand guiding us through the storm.

And by the way, Asher loved the danger of it all; I'm fairly confident he is an adrenaline junkie.

-Asher's Daddy

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  1. LOVE this!! As I sat hear reading Asher's trip to Hawaii, I thought of all those who are reading and am certain God is using Asher to reach the masses. So proud of you and Meagan. Love to you both :)